woman gives trump middle finger

woman gives trump middle finger

Over $70,000 has been raised for  the woman, identified as Juli Briskman, who was fired after the picture where she raised her middle finger at Donald Trump as his motorcade passed her on her bicycle went viral.

A photographer traveling with the presidential motorcade snapped Briskman’s picture and the image quickly spread across news outlets and social media.

She was cycling in Virgin last month when she offered the gesture in a gut reaction to Trump’s policies.

Briskman had been working as a marketing and communications specialist for a Virginia-based federal contractor, Akima, for six months. She thought it best to alert the HR department to the online fuss. Her bosses then called her into a meeting.

She said the company was displeased she had used the image as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook, and told her it violated social media policy and could hurt the company’s reputation as a government contractor.

However, the internet has subsequently stepped in, and stepped up, for Briskman and a GoFundMe was promptly launched to help her out. The GoFundMe campaign, which has a goal of $100,000, is currently at over $70,000 and rising.

The description for the campaign reads: “Juli Briskman is an inspiration to us all. This week we learned that she was fired from her employer for exercising her first amendment rights.”




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