Friday , January 19 2018
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Wavy brows, the new trend or fashion madness.

                         I woke up one morning to find out that crazy jeans was trending and viola it came to stay, so when i went through my Instagram page and saw the new trend WAVY BROWS and it got bashed by  a lot of people who in my option have  no sense of humor, the negative criticisms   the  wavy eyebrows  look got bashed,  but same happened with ripped jeans, crazy nails but right now they all trend.  
Wavy brows allegedly is  traced to makeup artist Jessica Broderson  as the inventor, last month when she posted a photo of an ocean-inspired eyeshadow look she created, and topped it off with a brow that turns into a squiggle at the ends. Cute idea, right?!, although a lot of Instagram slay queens have been trying their hands on it,  gosh i must confess its  hard it is difficult to achieve, the time and effort but like they say beauty patience and fantastic look goes hand in hand.
My fellow queen relax as, the trend is expected to be in vogue, fully by 2018 next year so  ladies start working hard on it, because wavy brows are hear to stay.


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