News reports have revealed that 74 people have been rounded up by the  United States of America, as part of the effort to combat email scam.

Of the 74 suspects arrested by the American government, 30 of them are reportedly Nigerians.

According to the reports, the suspects consist of people who have convinced ‘clients to wire the

BBC reports that the US revealed that such scams are common in the country while pledging to pursue perpetrators “regardless of where they are located”.

LIB reports that FBI investigation aided by the IRS led to the arrest of one Gloria Okolie and Paul Aisosa, two Nigerians residing in Dallas, Texas.

According to the reports, they were charged in an indictment filed on June 6, 2018.

In the indictment, they are alleged to have defrauded a real estate closing attorney by sending the lawyer a spoofing email in which they posed as the seller and requested that the proceeds of a real estate sale, which amounts to $246,000, be wired to Okolie’s account.

According to the reports, the lawyer lost $130,000 after the bank was notified of the fraud and froze $116,000


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