Tottenham Hotspur yesterday defeated Manchester United in the final game at their former pitch, ‘White Hart LAne’. As the spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino walked off the old White Hart Lane pitch and into the stadium’s tunnel for the final time, he stopped to playfully pat the faces of the Tottenham Hotspur children who were acting as a guard of honour, before agreeing to shake a supporter’s 1960s rattle as Ricky Villa and other legends walked by chatting with some of the current squad. It was just another fitting reflection of a day that was about the past and the future, and rich in so much colour and emotion.

“I think it was perfect,” Mauricio Pochettino said as he walked off on the day they saw the last ever game at the old White Hart Lane. His word was pretty much the only way to describe how they bid farewell to the Lane, how they beat Manchester United 2-1, how Harry kane scored Spurs’ last goal there, how they ended their last season there unbeaten at the stadium, how the old mixed with the new and the young.

Even the potential downsides only ended up adding more images to remember, more memories of the stadium that was exploding with joy.

Pochettino further said he thinks it was a very emotional game, it was a very emotional ceremony and it is so difficult to explain all and to describe. I think I am very lucky guy, because to share the history of this club, in that special moment, is so lucky to be here, and I am so happy. I want to congratulate all, and to say ‘thank you’ to all the players, the fans, the staff, my staff, because all together we worked so hard to try to achieve all that we achieved this season.

“It was very, very, very nice for me. I want to say thank you for all the love, that energy that is fantastic, is special, yes it was a very special moment for me. But I think it is for all my staff, all the club staff, the players, I think they all deserve the love that the fans showed today.”

Pochettino was asked whether he has any souvenirs from the place and he responded; “Still nothing because there was no time to take anything, but we will see what things are still there, because I think the players, all the people, start to take everything!”

He does have his favourite memory, though.

Pochettino hopes and believes that the new stadium will help Tottenham in achieving greater heights in the coming seasons.

Farewell to the famous ‘White Hart Lane’!




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