The weekend always seems to end too quickly and this gets us all moody on monday, slows down the workflow because your subconscious keeps saying i didn’t rest enough so hear are fantastic tips to help you have a fantastic weekend and get you all bouncy for the fresh week.

  1. Do not let the weekend fall on you plan:   the first step is start to plan the weekend from thursday, make a list if you are married or a mother  try shopping on thursday night or friday evening, this will help u sleep in a little on saturday which we all crave for, imagine making the moimoi on friday night and the stew, saturday will be a great weekend all the way i can reassure you.  The idea is plan, because if you fail to plan you plan to fail, it’s a fact that timefly fast so use time as a guide to creating a weekend  schedule and ensureyou follow it, and it has to start from friday.
  2. Be selfish: turn off your phone for hours,try to plan around for some me time, because you need to relax to have a great weekend the idea of been free from the  the pressure of work and people, the weekend is a perfect time to focus on you and you alone self reflect,  meditate, exercise or even learn a language. Do something that helps make you fall in love with yourself soak up in a bath top You want to start Monday feeling that you are stronger and more prepared to deal with the world than ever before.
  3. Schedule a time for friends: work takes a lot from us so draw up a list of friends you care about and plan a weekend with different friends weekly, from a  simple saloon trip together, church thing where you can see them, a movie  date etc, no man is an island so take out time to visit your friends.
  4. Do something new weekly: ensure you do something new weekly from a spa treatment, visit a zoo go to the beach, go dancing meet someone new, every weekend should be like a mini adventure so create time for something fun browse about fun sports in your area, go running talk cool walks rearrange your house.
  5. Plan for the week ahead: take out time to draw a weekly and daily plan for the week ahead read a book, and ensure you make the best of every weekend.



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