Falling in love to me is the easy part, girl meets boy, boy likes girl bosakolaaaa like a volcano, they cant get enough of each other,  dates, sex, kissing in public then it starts to dwindle, honestly  love, “It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.” As much as that initial spark, desire, or longing may feel like it, these feelings are not necessarily love. Love involves behavior. It is a skill. To be truly loving, we have to take actual actions toward our partner that he or she experiences as loving. Real love comes from attainment, sensitivity, and generosity. It comes from supporting the other person and whatever lights them up. When we choose each day to treat another person with gentleness, affection, kindness, and respect, we cultivate and grow our ability to love. As much as we can be touched by the love we feel from others, we can only fully feel our own feelings of love, and in order to feel them, we have to act..Couples who’ve been together a long time and wish to get back their romantic edge should know it is an attainable goal that, like most good things in life, requires energy and devotion.”  Nothing comes easy, so if you believe these saying  hear are some tips to ensure

1)Anticipate the end of the “honeymoon phase.” It is natural to be enamored with someone the first few months you are dating, feeling like nothing could ever come between you. Just keep in mind that this feeling does not last forever. After the initial feelings of lust have worn off, you may have to work a bit more to keep your relationship going strong.[1]
Keep in mind that the end of the honeymoon phase is not a bad thing, but rather an important step in your relationship. Now is the time you get to know your partner better and cultivate a long-lasting, loving relationship let me say it these way the butterflies fade away.

2) Sort augments maturely:  Every couple argues,  If they are honest and authentic, they accept the fact that they will never see eye-to-eye on everything. They know that differences of opinion can add interest and intrigue to a relationship—if those disputes are worked through successfully. They also know that unresolved repeated conflicts can threaten and ultimately damage relationships, and make it much harder for them to get back what they’ve lost.    In contrast, stay-in-love couples ache when their disagreements drive them apart. After a conflict, they strive to resolve the situation and make up as soon as possible. Rather than needing to win, they want to understand why they disagreed and how they could have done it better. Judgment is not an issue—inquiry and learning are. Even when they are hurt or angry, they still want their partner to feel heard and supported. During a conflict, so many couples blame their partner for what’s going wrong. It’s hard for anyone to look at his or her role in conflict during the middle of strong emotions. Perhaps to avoid guilt or feeling righteous, some people try to make the other person into the bad guy, hoping they will win the argument that way. Many people will cave in when they feel badly about themselves, and counter-accusations sometimes successfully win the argument.

3 Spending quality time together: It is important to have some time away from your partner now and then, spending time together is also very important. Make sure that you set aside a little time each day to catch up, perhaps over your morning coffee, over dinner, or during an evening walk.[ Make time to do things together like you did when you first started dating. For example, you can plan a movie night, a hiking trip, or a visit to a local museum

4)   Respect each others feelings: An important part of every quality relationship is the ability for both partners to authentically agree to honor the other’s feelings and thoughts, especially when they are trying to work through difficult emotional issues.   Many partners automatically treat each other this way when their relationship is new, but as their relationship matures, they may come to feel burdened or disrupted by continuous requests for connection, and not want to be immediately available anymore. In trying to dismiss their partner’s desires quickly, they may resort to trying to “fix” the situation without taking the time for deeper inquiry. Or perhaps a preoccupied partner will minimize the other’s feelings to try to neutralize them. An irritated partner may reply in with sarcasm or even withdraw.Partners who remain in love do not ignore a partner who wants to connect for any reason. Even if they are distracted or preoccupied, they take the time to understand what their partner needs, and decide together how they should handle it. If that cannot happen at the time, both partners make an agreement as to when they will resolve it. And they do not mock, minimize, or disregard the other’s desire to connect.

5)Trust is the key. In order to ensure a lasting love, you need to be trustworthy and be able to trust your partner in return. Building trust requires you and your partner to be vulnerable with each other, keep promises, and keep the lines of communication open. Each time that you trust your partner to take care of something for you or to keep his or her word, you are providing a chance for your partner to follow through and earn more trust from you.For example, if your partner is responsible for paying the electric bill each month, don’t constantly remind him or her to do so. Trust that your partner will pay the bill. If he/she does, then you can feel more comfortable trusting your partner with bigger things.


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