Moving in with the love of your life can be simply amazing, but remaining lovers and friends, comes from an intentionally and deliberate plan. It can not be overemphasized  like  they say familiarity breeds contempt and this becomes a reality when lovers move in together, so before you take that step both parties must sit down and have laid down house rules that both parties must endeavor follow religiously . Listed bellow are some rules that would help ginger and create a  better bond between lovers .

Communication ;  expressing your self is a  must in cohabitation, an agreed mode or method of communication must be decided on either via letter writing or text, calls because when it comes to house rules  physical verbal communications may lead to tempers rising, so lovers should address  rules like a game have a book you both write in if the other party  has broken any house rules, especially when it comes to love making, laundry .

        Create a personal zone: no matter how small the apartment is both parties should have their own chairs or  conners, so you do not touch or fiddle each others personal stuff, because  something you feel is crap, and the other party feels it is precious to them, because one mans trash is another mans treasure, also so anytime  a lover gets  moody and want to be alone they can go to their  zone  this would help not to make the house feel too chocked up.

Money: it is safer to agree on bills sharing before you move in, so one party does not keep paying bills, and you can always refer back to the previous agreement.

House chores:  the fight about taking out the garbage  and washing the dishes or cooking dinner, has broken relationships, so both parties must agree on this basic  duties.

House for the Weekend: The idea of a boys soccer night or girls pillow fight night must be put into consideration; once a week or a month both parties must work out a schedule sometimes considerations must be made like if  the lover  is sick then boys night can be postponed .

Hope you enjoyed the article, please feel free, to contribute or give us suggestions of any angle you feel we did not talk about.



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