Friday , January 19 2018
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We always forget that before our partners were ourselves. I mean our own independent lives gets called to a halt all am saying is despite two becoming one,one must remember that you are also on your life track, I do accept the fact that you live for the person you love but don’t get lost so you could also learn to have a life of your own.lovin doesn’t mean you should sacrifice all  yes but love is also respecting each other’s individuals dreams and hopes despite the fact that wen in a relationship we all tend to forget that.  We get so miserable after it comes crashing because you built ur walls dreams and hopes around him, [aint nothing wrong with that sister] but don’t be stuck after he/she lives. Get a life accomplish your own personal goals and if he/she wishes to render aid to you please by all means do accept the help but with a concrete reasoning mind that this is our own life because honestly, you need to get a life to be someone’s wife.

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