The rain, seemed to be pouring out side, and the weather was so cold, these file was attaching almost too slowly, 75%  Nike  whispered a small prayer, were was itohan? that  girl had a way of shaking that her small ass, and disappearing in the middle of work and ye,s GM always defended her, Nike rolled her eyes as the jest was all over the office, that itohan and GM were screwing,  a married man! hum shameless, she continued to watch the up load process 98% yes finally the mail was delivered yes she quickly dashed in to GMs office to deliver the good news, in all excitement, she busted in and froze, at the sight of  itohan  laid across the table half  naked legs spread wide while  GM was pounding away, like a long distance athlete running his final lap, GM, looked up and screamed get out, Nike was stunted, it took her almost 30 seconds before her legs moved, all she could say was God am in trouble.

Office romance, usually starts un expectedly, unfortunately  you can’t count on a happy ending you can rail against the unfairness of it all, but think of it this way  life  is not fair,  or you wouldn’t be in this dilemma,  of  falling for someone  who works in  the  same company as you do. Make sure you’re aware of your company policy regarding workplace relationships so you do not lose your job in the process of finding love.

1)When its over;  Most times one person usually gets tired, and wants to move on at these point the other party who still want to continue begins to fight dirty, and you may need to talk to your boss about this. This can be tricky and something which, frankly, your employer probably doesn’t need. Always remember that your boss cannot side with either party if your affair is over; they’ll have to maintain discretion and impartiality.

2) Career killer: Most office romance, leads to professional mistakes, and one party, covering up for the person they are involved with, especially if it is a management  staff involved, with an ordinary  staff, some times the employer might be facing strict liability in terms of a civil claim. Most times a new office may not want to employ you if they discover that you were involved in an any office romance gone sour.

3) a law suit: Financial, loss can occur if sued, for both the company and the individual,  companies should have policies in place with a lot of training on them,” she said. “Particularly sexual harassment training, because oftentimes employees don’t know of the liability that can potentially arise from office romances and how disruptive and harmful they can be in the workplace.”

4) The internet: There have been instances of a video, or picture, of a co workers having sex or in a compromising position been up loaded on line, some were intentional some were by mistake, regally companies would sack you once such videos go viral, so you lose your job, some married people have to face their spouse, or family members, and in a thousand  years to come , such videos would still be on line .5)  Brand destroyer: Some companies, with too much office romance are looked down upon as not solid enough brands, especially when its an MD, who loves to have affairs with female staffs, with time such companies fold up


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