Most of us want to be seen as the good guys,  that friend who  is nice and good but the honest truth is if you always displease your self to please others then you have been living a lie, and you will end up more unhappy, because most times people do not value people pleasers they practically take them for-granted  and expect them to lose a hand and leg for them.  The honest truth, is it is never too late to turn a leave, change and become firm about somethings, and  to help you become emotionally strong by learning how to say no especially when its obvious you are been taken advantage of, this are some tips to help.

many hands pointing the overwhelmed woman that is suffering mobbing in the workplace

Create boundaries : there are some people or friends in quote, who walk in to our house pick our cloths food and boom they are gone, or get in to our wallets or bags and take money, such friend you need to create a list if you have a lot and send a general text message to them that this are the things you hate they do, it should be expressive because you may freeze, if you decide to have the  verbal  conversation physically, so send a text or mail and do not hold back, but brace your self because some of this friends may become annoyed with you and even stop talking to you, please see it as good radiance to bad rubbish. 

Zone your friends: you cant love or care about friends equally, some friends if you critically look at the equation are burdens more than a plus, some you  need for work,  you must evaluate all your friends so you will know how to say yes or no the ones you need a firm nice no, the irrelevant friends an aggressive no would do.

Move away from friends who do not accept your no: friendship is all about understanding  and mutual agreement so any friend who cant accept your no please quickly move away from them lol.

Do not feel guilty: killing the quilt feeling, is a feeling you must avoid because its ok to say no to people  especially if its not convent  for you.


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