There  are three types of people  in the world,  those who have, those who pretend to have, and those who wait till they have., The issue with waiting is you may wait for  an eternity  and there is no guarantee that you will ever be rich and famous, or when you finally get the money you won’t be able to fit into the class of the rich and famous, because you have spent too much time living like the poor relative, so my advice is fake it till you make it, live it till you get it throw caution to the wind and exist in life.

Theses are my tips to transform yourself from the normal girl or boy to the rich boy and if you follow it religiously you will soon get into the class of the very wealthy.

1 Develop an air of sophistication : the air if sophistication, is the first ingredient  to convincing the world that you are rich, the break down  to be all sophistication   is develop charisma, poise, attitude, and  walk like the world is at your feet, act like you have seen it all, become hard to impress   and ensure you are never loud, from your speech, to your attitude must be calm, its  takes  extra effort to retain a calm  composure during an heated argument  the trick to  act so classy that even royalty would be attracted to you. There must be a deliberate effort of learning and relearning been classy and amazing, from things that seem trivial as hand gestures facial expressions all must spell and show classy sophistication all the way. The summary is see yourself as an actor and you must be in character every day.

2 Research ; faking it is a lot of work, you must know a lot to act rich, from fashion to the very fashionable, companies owned by  intellectual people , the rich and famous, were the influential Familiarize  chill, and handout the goal is to know this places, how they run and  get yourself , hanging with a few upper-class. The importance of acquiring knowledge  in things  like the basics of stock trading, the locations of foreign countries and exotic beach getaways, and a few fancy food items restaurants.

3. Vocabulary switch : they say you must talk rich to be rich,  Research about  new words to add to 6 your vocabulary that make you look extra rich, create the right  diction especially if you are faking it that you are from another country state, and practice practice practice.

4. Dress the part: you dress to be addressed so finding a good place knock offs are sold is a brilliant idea for faking it, your clothes even if they are hand overs must be from  a known designer, you can buy labels of known brands and sew them to your cloths, look neat, classy and sexy.

5. Mix with the rich: join a club, you need to find at least one rich friend so you can have a direct contact with them, when hanging with your rich friends quietly observe, so you learn how they respond to things, from how they pack their cars, greet each other etc its simple realize you are an actor so simply act the part.

6 Touch up your physical appearance:  something as simple as whitening your teeth to contact lens, takes your look to the next level, makes you look breath taking hit the gym, ton up your body ensure you work on your, if you look breath taking it is easy to get the attention of the opposite sex who is actually rich and famous. Ladies little things like your nails, eye lashes, pedicure  etc .

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