Remi, paced around the living room, while jumoke  was seen crying bitterly, she was scaring him and he was getting terrified, he was hoping she would hit him at least that may ease her pain. remi and jumoke had been married for two years and they were happy she was good to him, never denied him sex, cooked cleaned respectful and very hard working.  Although they were yet to have kids, that was not an issue, joke travelled once ever 3 months to buy goods for her supper market,  and this was when remi brought home girls and felt like a bachelor again. It started from tola the girl he had met at tundes party  for that week he would hid his wedding pictures and acted all single, this week jumoke had come home 3 days earlier and had worked into him and mary having sex on their matrimonial bed. His wives scream and the look on her face had tore his heart in to a million pieces, it was 2 weeks now and jumoke was still not talking to him.

Betrayal of marital vows is hurtful but when your spouse cheats on you there is one simple question you need to ask your self, do you want to stay or remain in the relationship or do you want to leave, if you want to stay and work thing out hear are tips to get through .

Finding closure: the first thing you need to do is have an open communication with your spouse,   find out why your spouse cheated, how it started  with tis person, what propelled it, instigated it and motivated it. Understand if its peer pressure,so you know  encourage and become a strong support against wrong friends or society ideologies and try not to be biased you need to try and understand why he cheated and sort it so it does not reoccur.

Alone time: one critical step to forgiving your cheating spouse  is sorting your self physiologically, take long walks , cry buy your self something you like relax and try to be happy alone, and ensure you reflect  on if you are willing to forgive your partner, you are advised to spend time alone so you can heal from within it is only when you heal you can truly forgive.

The fit: this step is critical, because you need to find out if your partner still wants the relationship, if he wants to continue, if he still loves you dearly , at this point you need t take stock of your relationship, how special the person is, those cool things that work in your relati


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