Funke was siting under the tree, that was her tree,  that  tree was home, people walked past her and paid her no attention as usual she was not moved she picked her son up as  he was a ruddy 1 year old full of life, he seemed to know been happy and dancing got him sympathy from strangers money and goodies she suddenly heard some one scream her name Funke Ajumobi  to her horror she was staring at a familiar face…………..

Funke  Ajumobi had fallen in love with Tola  years ago  and everyone felt it was a match from heaven suddenly they posted a new secretary, to Tolas office and all hell broke lose suddenly Tola  fell out of love with  Fumi, even hearing she was pregnant had no impact on him he called off their relationship Funke lost it left home and became a destitute.

Life is hard and trows a lot of shades at us, but not getting overwhelmed is been emotionally balanced we must learn to detach ourselves from people and emotions that can destroy our happiness and existence an human being these are tips on how to become emotionally strong.

Emotional resilience ;this is the  ability to adapt and face what  ever emotional damaging feelings you have and moving on strong  irrespective on how you feel, is the best way to find emotional balance, the ability to learn and unlearn how to adapt well to things like stress, trauma would save you from running mad, and having an emotional break down.

Create emotional limits:even the  bible says guard your heart with all diligence, there is a limit you should love or trust somebody because people are unpredictable,  unreliable and full of  tricks  it is a statement of fact that  people many times value people who love them more less so you need to know were to stop while loving someone so they do not toy with your emotions.

Acknowledge your weaknesses : when you know what your weak points are you can make an effort to protect your emotions, and start working against it, if you fined fair men irresistible then ensure you only date dark men hear you are in control. 

Get  new hobbies : doing new things like changing your routine regularly  helps you with emotional balance, eg you run by 5 and in the next 2 months you switch to playing tennis this would make you less dependent an certain  people and it would give you clearly on some friends and other things you do.

Day dream: most times you become what you think about so happy thoughts day dream about that dream house, job, car  take time daily too and ensure you have happy thoughts all the time.

Embrace the shame: most of us are in an emotional mess because we are afraid of letting go of an embracing situation, eg you got raped face it and talk about it you lost a job tell the close friends and family, with time it would help u to be better also learn to lighten up i ask my self would this issue matter in 5 years so relax about it and have fun. Teenage apprentice set ablaze

Fall in love with your body: things happen that makes us lose confidence in our bodies so find your self love you  body big or tinny look and the mirror and love up on your self.

Nothing in life is permanent so in all your getting find happiness regardless. 



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