Wednesday , March 29 2017
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You are fake news, Trump slams CNN reporter

US President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday shut down a CNN reporter who attempted to ask a question at Trump’s first press conference in months.

Speaking in Manhattan, the president-elect first blasted BuzzFeed for its decision Tuesday to publish a memo containing unverified claims that Trump both was compromised by and collaborated with Russian intelligence agents who the memo said passed information to his campaign, claims that Trump denied at Wednesday’s news conference.

During the press conference, President-Elect Donald Trump refused to answer a CNN reporter’s question, declaring the organisation “terrible” and “fake news”.

The CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to ask a question, Trump refused.

“Not you. Not you,” Trump said. “Your organization is terrible. Your organization is terrible. Quiet, quiet. She’s asking a question, don’t be rude.”

“Since you’re attacking our news organization, can you give us a question?” Acosta asked repeatedly. “I’m not going to give you a question. You’re fake news,” Trump replied.

The president-elect later answered a question from another different CNN reporter.

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