The fact that you can only be young once is the reason why every smart woman must throw caution to the wind, when dating and  become intentional, precise, calculative  and not get too emotionally attached till a man proposes and marries her. The  best way to stay on top and be that Miss Independent that every man dreams about usually happens  when you are not too emotionally attached to a man, men love women who blow  hot and cold  he feels she is into him and buzza  suddenly  she is not into you such a woman   is more desirable than a woman who is loving caring and most likely clingy.

Unveiled, hear are the rules that if followed would get you a husband and keep you blossoming as a single lady.

  1. Create  a set of rules: all men like women who have rules like you can’t  call me beyond this time you can’t tag me on facebook with picture, no sex for the first 6 months, we only hang at your place not mine, i do not pay for dates etc i know what you are thinking that sounds like a nasty girl, yes men love a challenge, such women give the men the thrill of the chase, getting them to break such rules, becomes a driving passion for a man, so a woman who wins when double dating has rules this rules ensure both men do not meet because if  a man  knows you are keeping him as an alternative he would work away for a faithful woman.
  2. Seem innocent: a bitch at heart can have the face and attitude of an angel, every time a man sees you as innocent he is more prone to be nicer  believe every word that comes out of your mouth and will not investigate you if you are cheating.
  3.  Find an explanation : an efficient method of keeping two men is you need to tell them about each other, like Paul  could be your cousins guy who calls you for advice, so your guy does not feel threatened while the other is a gay friend now that always works, so each man becomes comfortable with you receiving or charting with the other contender.
  4. No name calling: in bed the terms baby sweetie is adequate if you plan to be sexually active with both partners, calling one  man anothers mans name is an bed is on forgivable or even on a date, so sugarberry sexyboo all come in handdy.
  5. Anticipate surprises: going out on a date with one of your boyfriends you may run into the other one or his friends so ensure you have different hang out joints for each lover .


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